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[A Pail of Air] The Fortunate 2 by KrayTSAO [A Pail of Air] The Fortunate 2 by KrayTSAO
This is a part of the personal project I'm working on. A Pail of Air, visualization of an Science Fiction Short story by Fritz Leiber.

This is one of the lucky survivors in this horrible land. They are not as fortunate as their counterparts in places like Los Alamos or Yellowstone. Without the aid of advanced technology or natural resources, they strive on their own.

Survives under the black sun, they modify motorcycle helmets and make it nearly air tight. They attach a breathing tube through the helmet, connected to a satchel containing liquid oxygen iron powder and activated carbon.

The world of A Pail of Air -- Earth had deviated form it original orbit, flying away from it's precious sun. Without the sun, photosynthesis stops, mass panic occur, the apocalypse had come.

Years later, the temperature drops below -200C. Most part of the world had become nothing but darkness and bitter cold air. With temperature this low, oxygen starts to liquify, the survivors will have to dig up a pail of liquid air, heat it up for them to breath.

The quake destroyed most underground pipelines. With no ionosphere, contacting with radio or any wireless method is impossible. The protagonist and his family lives in a obscured world far away from civilization, yet they strive to survive.

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September 3, 2013
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